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Advanced research has made it possible to select active principles in high concentrations (up to 20%) capable of targeting the pigmentation process, lightening any existing “age spots” and, especially, preventing the formation of new ones.  Chrono Age® is formulated with specific active principles that each affect the skin pigmentation process in a different way. These include Phytic Acid, Azealic Acid, Alpha Aburtin, Kojic Acid and Liquorice extract, supported by the presence of powerful natural antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Thanks to its light liquid crystal formulation, Chrono Age® White is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling cool and dry. The perfect base for makeup and a great aftershave lotion. 

NO mineral oils, NO petroleum derivatives, NO synthetic dyes, NO added parabens, NO allergic scents and alcohol FREE

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