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​Ready, Set, CROW!

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Crow’s feet. They are a product of life. They are hard to prevent, and they are bound to happen. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them, or even let them stick around! No, with Dermophisiologique’s very own Optyma Eye Cream, you can reduce puffiness and get the skin firming effects that will truly get those crow’s feet off your face!

But, to understand how the Optyma Eye Cream works, we much first understand how crow’s feet come about. So here are the top causes for crow’s feet formation:

  1. Squinting- squinting causes a reduction of cell production around the eye, in turn creating wrinkles in the skin.
  2. Sleep posture- sleeping on your side habitually can cause the skin around your eyes to bunch 
    up, and essentially have the same effect as squinting!
  3. Exposure to natural sun- or “photo-aging.” Like with any living thing, if you expose it to the sun for so long, wrinkles will begin to form.
  4. Smiling- well actually making any expression with your face really. Because the skin around the eye is so thin, any facial expression is bound to damage and halt production of cells every once in a while!

What we can get from this, is that there is really no great “I’ll just stop doing this, and I won’t get wrinkles,” fix. Luckily however, there is one great product that will, revitalize, hydrate, moisturize, smooth, and protect the skin around your eyes and effectively reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. And that is Dermophisiologique’s Optyma Eye Cream