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In Addition to Our Skin Firming, Puffiness Reducing Eye Cream, There are Other Ways You Can Help the Condition of Your Skin

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As the temperatures dip into the single digits and even lower, you may well be noticing changes occurring to your skin. It is in this type of weather that you can expect to develop dry, rough and itchy skin, something nobody looks forward to. In addition to our skin firming, puffiness reducing eye cream, there are other ways you can help the condition of your skin. Here are a few ways you can help your skin better handle the harshness of winter.

Since cold air holds less moisture than warm or hot air, you need to be applying moisturizer to your skin every day. Moisturizers work by locking water into your skin’s top layer, so best apply it when you exit from the bath or shower.

Those strong and bitter winter winds strip your skin of their natural lipids, which is the barrier that keeps the skin from drying out. Protect your skin from the winter winds with a scarf before venturing out.

That crackling fire in your fireplace warms you quickly after a day in the elements, but it is wreaking havoc on your skin. You see, dead skin builds up much quicker in dry heat, so best you don’t sit so close to that fire.

That wool sweater might keep you warm on your morning commute, but it could also be causing skin irritation. Lose the wool winter clothing for softer fabrics like cotton or silk as they are much more gentle on your skin.

The winter can do a number on your skin, but with our moisturizing products and a little common sense, your skin can remain smooth and silky.