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Discover with our Technical Consultant all the benefits of the new Carbon Mask to purify, exfoliate and regenerate your skin!

Posted by Claudia –Dermophisiologique Beautician on

Firstly, let’s uncover the true meaning of “cell turnover”: everyone’s talking about it, but what exactly is it? It’s nothing more than continual micro-exfoliation: our skin is a dynamic organ, with new cells replacing the dead ones every day as these imperceptibly detach from the stratum corneum.

Numerous factors, such as aging and atmospheric conditions, smog and UVA/UVB rays, influence cell turnover, slowing down the elimination of dead skin cells, causing these to remain anchored to the stratum corneum, thus contributing to a sense of thickened skin, a dull complexion, blemishes and visible lines.

So what can we do? Peeling: a dermo-aesthetic treatment that consists of exfoliating the surface layers of the epidermis, thus encouraging the elimination of pollutants and dead cells to restore the correct level of skin turnover.

Peeling makes for soft, radiant skin, as well as an improved complexion. It encourages the production of collagen and elastic fibres in the dermis, thereby increasing skin tone and firmness, not to mention slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Peeling has a different effect on each skin type: it calms, brightens and normalizes sensitive skin; rebalances oily skin; and regenerates mature skin.

The Dermophisiologique solution? Dermophisiologique offers many professional peeling treatments that act on both the surface of the skin and deep down. Its professional and home-care Black Peeling range is now boosted by a new product!

Carbon Mask is a new cream mask with a 100% natural formulation for natural peeling. It contains particles of Active Carbon, a substance valued since ancient times for its purifying and exfoliating properties, together with Kaolin and a mix of plant-based oils and butters.

Carbon Mask captures and eliminates all traces of impurity on the skin, gently removes the outer layers of the epidermis and encourages skin cell renewal. As well as reducing any thickening of the epidermis, it soothes the skin, helps counter redness and has super anti-oxidizing action.

How to use it?

It’s so easy to use! Apply once or twice a week to clean, cleansed skin. Gently massage with circular movements until the emulsion turns completely grey. Leave for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off with plenty of water. Follow by applying a specific home-care face cream.

In just 10 minutes, Carbon Mask leaves your skin radiant, smooth and purified!

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